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Frequently Asked Questions About ScentHeadTM Baits

What kinds of fish will bite on ScentHeadTM Baits?

All fresh water game fish. Be careful of reptiles! I have caught snapping turtles and have taken it away from a number of small alligators. You sure don't want any of these on your line!

Can ScentHeadTM Baits be used in both fresh and salt water?

Yes. However we don't have a large data base on salt water fish. Let us know how you do.

What is the difference between the BB and CB ScentHeads?

The BB is 3/8 oz. and CB is 5/8 oz., otherwise there is no difference. The heavier weight of CB allows you to fish deeper to reach rock bars and drop offs.

How can I get more BloodScentTM liquid for ScentHead pads?

An order blank and price list is included with every ScentHeadTM set, so you can mail or phone in an order (see Printer Friendly Order Blank). Use product # 2100 (see in Products).

How can I get more pads and other parts for ScentHeadTM Baits?

Same story! Check the links in the previous answer.

Can I get BloodScentTM attractant for my OTHER baits?

Yes! Order our product #2000 #TA Tacky Spray. (See our Products page.)

Is BloodScentTM attractant bio-degradable?

Yes. BloodScentTM is made from natural bio-degradable materials. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. (The fish love it!)

Does BloodScentTM attractant need to be refrigerated?

No. But it should be kept from freezing.

Does BloodScentTM attractant have a shelf life?

We are talking two years or so, after the bottle has been opened.

Why can't I find ScentHeadTM Baits in my local bait store?

ScentHeadTM Baits are just now being offered to the public. It will take a while for enough ScentHeadsTM to be produced and distributed to local stores. We're working as fast as we can!

If I can't find ScentHeadTM Baits in my local store, can I buy them directly from you?

Sure thing! See our Buying page.

Why doesn't this web site have music, scrolling banners, and fancy fonts?

We wanted this web site to run fast, to be convenient, and to be useful. We hope we are presenting good information in the most efficient way. We welcome any suggestions for additions and improvements.

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