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ScentHead TM ~ ScentHead TM ~ ScentHead TM
ScentHeadTM: The ultimate spinner bait!

Leaves a trail of scent for fish to follow!

How many spinner baits are out there? Millions! Why cast a past experience (to a bass that is) when you can show them something brand new that they have never seen before!

Advantages that obsolete all other Spinner Baits:

Presents a bait fish profile. ScentHeadTM matches their natural food in size.

Adds substance.

Big Bass rarely chase minnows. They won't waste the energy for a lesser reward.

Sight: Large life size 3-D eyes. The size matches their main food source. They reinforce the bait fish profile.

More weedless. ScentHeadTM keeps weeds from catching on line knot.

ScentHeadTM completely protects line knot from rocks, docks, debris for a stronger hook-up.

ScentHeadTM changes the line hinge point -- moves it from the line knot to the smooth plastic hole in ScentHeadTM.

Highest quality Hardware thru out. We use no "seconds".

Blades: Pulsing flash. Why do emergency vehicles use a strobe or flashing yellow light? Because strobe or flashing is more attention getting than a steady light. We paint the under side of the blades a dark color. This makes the blade appear as rotating only 1/2 normal speed - an easy to catch wounded meal! A very desirable feature and of course creates an "off & on " strobe effect. Blades are our own design for maximum sound.

Exclusive wire in a special shape, form fitted to the head (patent pending). We bring the blades into a compact design representing more of a natural bait size profile for better hooking of strikes.

Skirt and Grub holder: (pat. pending) Special shape provides flutes for anti rotation of grub and flairs the inner part of the skirts. The lands allow skirt to slide smoothly to its seating position for EZ on and off. The flutes hold grub firmly - it won't slide into hook bend or rotate out of the 90 degree position as when mounted on a plain hook shank. These are premium functions found only on ScentHead.

Skirts: We have evaluated hundreds of skirts. Most skirts come in on a retrieve as a "lump". Little or no wiggle. We rejected hundreds as not up to our standard. Our skirts are designed for EZ use and maximum action. They are not silicone!

Scent: Boy, here's a "can of worms". Everyone's got their own favorite brand or type of scent. If it works for you, keep using it -- and adapt it to ScentHead. We have researched Scent "Big time" because it's our baits name. So who's got the "Best of the Best" scent? Aw shucks, you guessed it, ScentHead! Here's why: a lot of scent is made of ground up crawfish, shad, worms etc, singly or in combo. Here's my question: When using live bait do you hook on a dead minnow or worm - or do you throw them over board and use a fresh one? Well, it depends I guess what fish your after - If its Catfish or other scavenger type - you might use the dead. But if your after Bass etc. live is the logical choice. Dead bait appears to put out something in smell that repels fish that eat only live bait. So what about garlic or anise oil etc.? Cover agents. Kills or covers human scent. Work? It appears to -- but we have no proof that it attracts fish. So what does? What smell is universal around the world in all species? The smell of blood! Fish blood. Sharks can smell blood up to 1 mile - maybe more. And they go crazy. Same with piranhas -- when blood is in the water there's a wounded fish nearby. The dinner bell is ringing. It's the smell that makes things happen.

ScentHeadTM BloodScentTM: All you need to know about Scent. Here how it works: Many scents on the market use fish oil as a carrier. When it works out into the water it floats to the top. Ours don't. We wanted something that created a "trail" under the water, so a fish could follow it to the bait. Ours keeps in suspension right where the bait traveled.

Now using your common sense apply it to the ScentHeadTM points. You will find no "hype" here. ScentHeadTM is, arguably the highest engineered bait ever produced. And does it catch fish! It's sure to increase the size of your catch automatically!

Good ScentHeadTM fishing! (ScentHeadTM provides the "good luck".)

B.C. Roemer, President and Chief Fisherman!

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